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Galactic Ecology (Co-PI for 2 science cases)>4100hCCAT-prime/FYST2022-26
Balloon mission to observe [NII] 122 µm emission (Co-I)21dASTHROS/NASA2023
PDRs4All (Core-team)36.9hJWST/ERS2022
Highly Ionized regions in Carina and G333.6-0.2 (Co-I)3.9hSOFIA/FIFI-LS2021-22
Extreme Stellar Feedback in the Carina SF Region (Co-I)19.3hSOFIA/upGREAT2021-22
FEEDBACK – SOFIA Legacy program (Co-I)91hSOFIA/upGREAT2019-22
Origin of the CII emission in diffuse clouds (Co-I)11hIRAM-30m/Emir2019
A Multi-Wavelength View of the Sgr A Complex (Co-I)24hIRAM-30m/Emir2019
Accretion flows in S106 (Co-I)16hNOEMA2018-19
A Multi-Wavelength View of the Sgr A Complex (Co-I)22.7hIRAM-30m2018
[OI] 145µm emission in the pillars of creation (Co-I)1hSOFIA/upGREAT2017-18
The pillars of creation in M16 revisited (Co-I)27.8hIRAM-30m/Emir2017
[OI] and [CI] in IC1396A (Co-I)100mSOFIA/upGREAT2017
[CII] in IC10 (PI)144mSOFIA/upGREAT2017
[OI] and [CII] in S106 (Co-I)4hSOFIA/upGREAT2017
Gas Components Towards the Arched-Filaments (Co-I)7.5hIRAM-30m/Emir2016-17
Velocity resolved [CII] and [NII] observations in M33 (Co-I)2hSOFIA/upGREAT2016-17
CO and [CI] mapping observations in NGC 2074 (Co-I)6.3hAPEX2016-17
OI and high-J CO in the IC 10 (PI)3hSOFIA/upGREAT2016
[CII] and [NII] in IC342 (PI)96mSOFIA/upGREAT2016
[O I] emission from the DR21 outflow (Co-I)1.5hSOFIA/upGREAT2016
Feedback of a massive star: a case study of S106 (Co-I)18.1hIRAM-30m/Emir2016
[CII] in the LMC clouds N160 and N158 (Co-I)2hSOFIA/upGREAT2016
Shocks or PDRs in S106? [OI] and high-J CO obs. (Co-I)1hSOFIA/GREAT2015
The LMC star-forming region N44 (Co-I)1hSOFIA/GREAT2015
Velocity resolved [CII] and [NII] observations in M33 (Co-I)2hSOFIA/GREAT2015
Strong [CII] self-absorption towards NGC 2024 (Co-I)1.5hSOFIA/GREAT2014
Mapping hot CO in DR21-C (PI)1hSOFIA/GREAT2014
[OI] and [CI] in IC1396A (Co-I)1hSOFIA/GREAT2014
[CI] in M33 (Co-I)14.2hAPEX2013-14
Hot CO in the Massive Star Forming Region DR21 (PI)10.7hHSO/HIFI2012-13
Pillars of Creation (Co-I)31hHSO2012
[CII] emission from ISM clouds in formation (Co-I)2hSOFIA/GREAT2012
Mapping the nucleus of IC342 (PI)3.5hSOFIA/GREAT2012
[CII] mapping of LMC cloud cores (Co-I)5hSOFIA/GREAT2012
WADI – the cluster NGC 3603 (Co-PI)12.9hHSO/ HIFI+PACS2010-13
GT Key Project Warm and Dense ISM (Co-I)140hHSO/ HIFI+PACS2010-13
GT Key Project HexGal (Co-I)420hHSO/ HIFI+PACS2010-13
GT Key Project HEXOS (Co-I)400hHSO/ HIFI+PACS2010-13
OT Key Project Herm33es – M33 (Co-I)7.3hHSO/PACS+SPIRE2010
[CII] emission in the nucleus of IC342 (PI)30mSOFIA/GREAT2011
Atomic carbon in M33 (PI)33hAPEX/CHAMP+2009
The dusty PDR NGC3603 (PI)2hAPEX/Laboca2007
The PDR interface in the Rosette Molecular Cloud (Co-I)24JCMT2007
Mid-J CO and [CI] mapping at 150 pc distance (Co-I)1.7hNANTEN22007
The clumpy distribution of warm gas in NGC3603 (PI)47hNANTEN22006-07
Atomic carbon and warm CO in the RCW106 (Co-I)13hNANTEN22006-07
Large nearby Galaxies (Co-I)7hNANTEN22006-07
The Carina star forming region (Co-I)14hNANTEN22006-07
A Chemical study of the Cepheus-B PDR (Co-I)45hIRAM-30m2006
CI, HCN, HCO+, CN in NGC278 (Co-I)31hJCMT2005

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